Foundation Donors

Thank you!

The Foundation would like to thank our families for their generosity in helping us help fulfill our mission of enhancing the education of each and every student at SRHS.  Without your donations many of the enhanced learning programs would not be possible.

Cameron Alakija

Jeff Ant

Sanjeev Athalye

Brian Banister

Patty Barnhill

Maureen Beaver

Jennifer Blake

Usha Boppudi

Carolyn Burns

Patricia Cantrell

LeeAnn Casey-Ariaudo

Cederquist Family

Raul Coimbra

Ginger Colletto

Jaime Crawford

Les Faulder

Suzi Ffrench

Gregory Foerster

Flores Family, Genevieve and Sierra alumni

Guibao Gu

William Guthrie

Joanne Hamilton and Carl Stepnowsky 

Andy and Kristin Hampshire

Holland-Dunchack Family

Diane and Bill Hunter

Caroline Joson

Chang Kim

Bryan Kramer

John Kulischak

Elkis Lau

Leon Leung

Michelle Leung

Jeff Levine

Kristen Locke

John Luk

Ram Madabushi

Stephen Mann

Luis & Nancy Manso

Michelle Marra

Martinson-Gallagher Family

Lorelle Mudd

Nancy & Jim Mullen

Paula Norris

JeongAh Park

Myoung Park

Laura Roos

Kathleen Ryan

Kirsty Salmon

Kelly Sandfer

Amy Sauerhage

Prashila Sharma

Rani Shina

Brian Snyder

Marni Tannone

Carolyn Walker

Cristen Wall

Marissa Westerfield

Rita & Jeff Williamson

Smita Yadav & Satchin Panda

Shirley Yager