A special thank you to our 2019-2020 donors for your support!

The Foundation would like to thank our families for their generosity in helping us fulfill our mission of enhancing the education of each and every student at SRHS.  Without your donations many of the enhanced learning programs would not be possible.


Arlyn Asch


Foerster Family

Andy and Kristin Hampshire

Linda Maguire

Lawrence Massaro


Jackson Baker

Ginger Colletto

Stacey Nakahara

Umesh Vats

Billy & Shannon Walsh

Smita Yadav

Murtaza Alibhai


Chris and Mike Brookes

Carolyn Burns

Greg Chen

Stacey Clark

Chris and Jenny Cornelissen

Ann Council

Kelly Del Monte

Larry Dixon

Katrina Eagle

Lenore Gaddis

Nishi Giri

Neha Gur's Family

Mark Hallmark

Joanne Hamilton

The Hass Family

Elliott Kim

Christine King

Marsi Knight

Janeen Kozak

Aaron Kramer

Rashmi Krishna

Elkis Lau

Gretta Lawson Family

Jody Luke

Michael & Jennifer Malcangio

Pamela McCallum

Sandeep Mehra

 Nathan Min

 Colleen Mook

Abigail Nguyen

Christi Noel

Kim Nuzen

Stephen Olivier

Miranda Oljaca

Amber Radici

Ambati Reddy

The Scurry Family

Avril Shefts

Jill Shina

Tdub LLC

Long Truong

Mark and Mary Beth Vogt

Cristen Wall

Shannon Wood