Thank you!

The Foundation would like to thank our families for their generosity in helping us help fulfill our mission of enhancing the education of each and every student at SRHS.  Without your donations many of the enhanced learning programs would not be possible.

2018-2019 Foundation Donors

Cameron Alakija

Radhika and Kashi Alishala

Timothy Ampe

Jeff Ant

Romy Asch

Cheryl Baldwin

Brian Banister 

Patricia Barnhill

Maureen Beaver

Rita Block

Steven Bodmer

Andrew and Nick Burns

Jacqueline Calkins

Laura Carrington

LeeAnn Casey-Ariaudo

Leticia Cederquist

Pete Chinothai

Carolyn Coglianese

Ginger Colletto

Cynthia Collins

Dennis & Juliana Conzemius

Jennifer Cornelissen

Ann Council

Gael Courtney & Family

Amy Davis

Lisa Divona 

Maureen Doanez

The Durkin Family

Hossein & Shahla Ehya

Eleanor Fernandez

The Foerster Family

Pearse Ffrench

Ann Marie Gallagher

Yehudit Gerassi

Go, Falcons!

Geoffrey Gordon

Sharon Graham and Daniel Goldstein

William Guthrie

Eiad Haddad

Joanne Hamilton

Andy and Kristin Hampshire

Ling Hang

Shandon Harbour

Hania Hassan

Robert Hasson

Jill Helmle

Noelia Henning

Heather Holland

Michael Houston 

Diane Hunter

Kanaan Jemili

Tracy L Jewell, CPA - Small Business Bookkeeping Services 

Cynthia Kiehl

Chang Kim

Eunhye Kim

Christine King

Jane King

Timothy Knaplund

Janeen Kozak (Ryan and Jake)

Aaron Kramer, SRHS Junior

Rashmi Krishna

Danielle Kulischak

Cynthia Laudenslager 

Erika Lennon

Leon & Lai Lai Leung

Michelle Leung

Stephen Mann 

Lisa Markman

Michelle Marra

Nanette Monson

Stacey Nakahara

Vuong Nguyen

Shane and Christi Noel 

Milan Oljaca 

Pearl Family

Tiffany Pearson-Tucker

Gail Prochazka

Jennifer Quinn

Kristin Rayder

Sarah Romana 

Rachelle Ronquillo

Laura Roos

My Tien Sadler

Kelly R Sandfer

Schneiderman Family

Mark Shalauta

Harry Shapiro 

Teri Smelik

Melanie Stewart 

The Swenson Family

Marni Tannone

Tyler Ton

Rosie Tsai

Thinh and Gloria Tran

Tiffany Tucker

 Carolyn Walker 

Cristen and Mark Wall

Laura and David White

Smita Yadav

Mei Yeh-Luk

 Lisa Young

Andrea Zajac