Grad Nite will be held on Saturday June 8, 2019!

Grad Nite 2019


Grad Nite will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Students will enjoy the day at Disney's California Adventure Park and then attend a private Disney California Adventure® Park experience with dance parties from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. 

The price for Grad Nite is $150 for all seniors.

440 Seniors are attending Grad Nite!

Ticket sales have closed.

For questions please contact Lennie Fernandez at or text/call 858.472.1303.

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Student ID, all required forms (Permission, Participation, Parent Authorization, Medical Form) and payment are required to purchase a ticket. 

Grad Nite Forms

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Please take a moment to read through the list of Grad Nite FAQ's

Grad Nite FAQ's

Legacy Pavers


 Celebrate your student’s graduation with a custom-engraved paver, celebrating their accomplishments and recognizing the end of their high school years. 

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If you are interested in volunteering  please contact Lennie Fernandez

Volunteer postions

Thank You!

Thank you to the Scripps Ranch Old Pros for their generous donation to Grad Nite 2019!



What is the date and time of Grad Nite 2019?

Grad Nite will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 8:00am through June 9, 2019 at 5:00am.

Is the ticket a park hopper between both Disneyland and California Adventure Park?

No. Grad Nite tickets are given out on a lottery basis by Disney. SRHS students were selected to receive a Disney's California Adventure Ticket and attend a Grad Nite Party at Disney's California Adventure from 9pm-2am on June 8, 2019.

My student already has a Disney annual pass. Do they need to purchase a Grad Nite ticket?

All students who wish to participate in SRHS Grad Nite 2019 at the private party held at Disney CA Adventure Park must purchase a ticket. The students will be given a specific wrist band to attend the private party held at Disney CA Adventure Park. 

Will there be additional ticket sale dates?

Only a limited amount of tickets remain.  Please contact or text/call 858.472.1303 to purchase tickets.  

Please LIKE us on FaceBook or FOLLOW us on Instagram for updates. Search for srhsgradnite2019.

How many Grad NIte 2019 tickets are available to purchase?

Disney selects schools on a lottery basis and determines the allotted tickets based on the school's prior years attendance. Disney confirmed 450 tickets for the Class of 2019.

If Grad Nite 2019 sells out, would Disney provide more tickets?

An inquiry has been made, and at this time there are currently no more tickets available. Disney requests that we check back at a later date to see if any tickets become available.

Do the students have to ride the bus?

Disney requires that all students must arrive together with their school in buses, large vans or chaperone-driven vehicles.

Do legacy pavers have to be purchased at the time of the Grad Nite ticket purchase?

No. Legacy pavers can be purchased up until April 5, 2019. 100% of profits go towards Grad Nite 2019. Funds may go towards unexpected expenses, security, school custodial service, bus overtime, etc.

How many chaperones are needed?

Disney requires that there be 1 chaperone (over 25 yrs of age) per 20 students. Chaperones tickets and transportation on chartered bus are free. Chaperones must abide by the 2019 Disneyland Resort Grad Nite 2019 Policies and Expectations. We will know how many are required after ticket sales are completed.

Why can't we make payments online or pay by credit card?

The Grad Nite 2019 Committee can only accept check or cash as payment at this time. Each year there is a new Grad Nite Committee and it is unknown what the Grad Nite event will be. While processing online payments would be easier for some, there are costs/fees involved and the possibility of the payment getting mixed in with other payments the SRHS Foundation receives. In addition, there is a lot of paperwork for the parents/students to review and sign because Grad Nite is not a school sponsored event. This event also involves chartered bus transportation where the students will want to sit with their friends which is why they need to purchase together. In order to keep track of students to and from the Grad Nite event, they are specifically assigned to buses and chaperones.


Contact Lennie Fernandez

Any questions, please contact Lennie Fernandez - the 2019 Grad Nite Chairperson

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Falcon Legacy Pavers


Falcon Legacy Pavers - Make Your Mark!

Pavers are installed in the center courtyard (Quad) at Scripps Ranch High School.  The Falcon Court Pavers have been a school tradition since 1994, leaving a legacy like none other for future generations.

Celebrate your student’s graduation with this same custom-engraved paver, celebrating their accomplishments and recognizing the end of their high school years.

The paver is engraved with your student’s name, year of graduation, life motto or symbol, it’s all up to you.

All proceeds will go towards Grad Nite. 

Deadline for Orders is Friday, April 12,  2019

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Paver Symbols/Clipart

As an option you can add up to 2 symbols to your paver.   This year lacrosse and wrestling were added to the list of options.

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Interested in Volunteering

We need help with the following:

  • Sponsors - Restaurant Nights (would like 2-3+ people)
  • Chaperones
  • Snacks/Drink for Grad Nite

Grad Nite Committee

  •  Grad Nite 2019 Committee Chair/ Disney Contact - Lennie Fernandez
  • Treasurer - Laura Roos
  • Recording Secretary Maureen Fry
  • Legacy Pavers - Maureen Beaver
  • Bus Coordinator - Robert Hasson
  • Ticket Sales Coordinator - Cynthia Laudenslager
  • Chaperone Coordinator - Maureen Fry
  • Check- In Coordinators - Harriet Hall, Maricel Custodio
  • Communications - Lennie Fernandez, Doreen Ayers, Heather Chell
  • Grad Nite Swag - Lennie Fernandez
  • Fundraising - Donna Cleary


Thank you for supporting the Grad Nite restaurant fundraiser

What is Grad Nite?

 Grad nite is a celebration for graduating seniors held on the weekend before their graduation.  It offers seniors a safe, sober, supervised, and fun place to celebrate with their classmates and friends. 

Why is Grad Nite so important?

 Statistics show that students celebrating on the evening of graduation can experience one of the most dangerous nights of their young lives.  Our goal is to provide a safe, sober and fun graduation related celebration.  We want to help you make your senior's high school graduation a memorable one - in a positive way.